No fake promises, no "go and get it" pep talks. We believe in the evolution of self-development. Our revolutionary method teaches mindful solutions to real-life challenges in order to move forward with clarity, more confidence and decisiveness.

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About Francis

Francis is a speaker, certified trainer and coach with a twist. In his teachings, he combines the theoretical and practical understanding of self-development and self-transformation with his vast spiritual knowledge.

Francis developed a step-by-step course which merges his acquired experience of education and people development with diligently selected transformational concepts from a wide variety of sources. Francis’ goal is to help people break self-limiting beliefs through a deep understanding of the nature of their thoughts, feelings and their true self. His intention is to give others a life of fulfilment, lightness, contentment and lasting happiness.
  • It has been a delight working with Francis Saliba on developing and delivering a workshop at Inner Space Centre, Abu Dhabi. Francis has a great interest and ability to combine the various strands of psychology, science and spirituality to create a methodology which is so easy to understand by the participant. Francis has a beautiful way of connecting with everyone and offering answers and responses that give great respect to the individual.

    Sona Bahri Meditation Centre Director
  • I had the pleasure to attend one of Francis’ workshops. Francis has a unique skill by which he can clearly explain theoretical and difficult concepts and relate it to everyday life. He has extensive knowledge in his field and is a dynamic, engaging teacher and speaker. He is able to draw information from the fields of psychology, philosophy and spirituality and use it to help others find an increased sense of psychological freedom and strength. On top of this, he is a pleasant person that is sensitive to the needs of others and has a wonderful message to share.

    Brahim Laraiki Director of Business Development


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