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The workshop held by Francis was enlightening. Francis was clear and precise delivering the ideas and thoughts he believes in. He engages the attendees in some exercises which helped convey the message he has. His friendly and open attitude draws the audience to ask questions and interact with him. I recommend attending his sessions for guaranteed benefits!
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Zaki Ajjawi
Project Manager
Francis impressed me with his presence and smile in our first meeting. Humble and keen to learn and share, are some of the traits that stands out in his personality. His search for deeper meanings in life and also pure intention of contributing in the life of others with knowledge makes him the go to guy when you need someone to talk, share and learn.
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Ashish Saxena
Director Technical Sales & Services

Certified coach, speaker & trainer

Francis is half Lebanese, half Jordanian, was born and raised in the Middle East but left in his 20s to study for his Masters in the Netherlands.

After graduation, he came back to the Middle East where he became a teacher and met his wife, Miriam. Both then lived in Bali before moving to Dubai where Francis is now focusing on the people development field. Francis is a speaker, certified trainer and coach with a twist. In his teachings, he combines the theoretical and practical understanding of self-development with his vast spiritual knowledge.

His spiritual interest started early. Amidst deep confrontations with emotional challenges which every human-being faces at one point or another in their life, he was convinced that if an answer or a solution to personal problems existed, they could not be found on the same level of thinking that was present during the creation of these problems (as Albert Einstein said). And so instead of merely looking at functional, conventional solutions and advice, he began to search deeper into different spiritual philosophies.

The combined exposure towards all these teachings over more than 10 years has helped Francis find satisfactory answers to substantial questions.

Francis developed a step-by-step course which merges his acquired experience of education and people development with diligently selected transformational concepts from a wide variety of sources. Francis’ goal is to help people break self-limiting beliefs through a deep understanding of the nature of their thoughts, feelings and their true self. His intention is to give others a life of fulfillment, lightness, contentment and lasting happiness.

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