In search for authenticity

Authenticity, what a term, what a concept, what an ideal to reach to, but what is it really? What is it to truly be authentic, how do we know if we are genuine and how can we sustain it?

Let us just clarify what authenticity is NOT. It’s not about you having the final word, being always right and not caring about others! It is not an attitude of “my way or the high way”. These are some of the fine lines we have to tread in order for us to avoid falling into one extreme or another.

One thing is for sure, living authentically can provide a great sense of confidence, self-esteem, freedom, joy and numerous other virtuous qualities.

Consequently, not living authentically can cause depression, insecurity and a great host of other affictive qualities.  The closest answer that comes to mind is that authenticity can be defined as being true to who you are.

Now then, to be true to who you are, you have to first know who you are. How much time have you given yourself to ask the question, “Who am I”?  What answers have you come up with? Whatever answers you came up with, are only descriptions of certain characteristics and qualities of your personality.

This conversation can now go two ways: One way is the traditional self-help way, which is to list the qualities and characteristics you would like to have in yourself and attempt your best to behave, speak, act, react, think and feel in accordance to those qualities, OR (for those who have tried this path already and found it unsatisfactory) there’s another approach! The second approach is a different, more spontaneous way to become free from having to constantly manage, monitor, adjust and reevaluate your behavior to the qualities you want to see in yourself. It is by realizing that all descriptions about yourself are not your described self, to realize that you cannot be labeled, put in a box or fit in one single category. You are dynamic, ever-changing, unique, fresh, unknowable and unpredictable. When you release yourself from all labels or categories, you are free to become everything and anything, to have the innocence of a child, and to find the wisdom in not knowing.