5 principles in 5 weeks!

Ready to crush your self-limiting beliefs?

The uniqueness of the course The 5 Principles of Mindful Living is how it captures the most important ingredients for true self-transformation by breaking self-limiting beliefs. During the program, you learn and embrace 5 principles in 5 weeks.

Why 5 principles? It can be best explained in the metaphor of crossing large, daunting waters to reach the other side using a sailboat. On your journey, you will first need the right weather conditions, the strong current and wind that can blow and direct your boat. This is Aspiration; aspiration will give you the momentum and force to push you to the other side.

But in addition to the force of the wind, you need the right sailboat; a boat that is solid, clear, clean, serviceable, flexible and in the best shape to be used for a smooth ride. This is Attention; attention makes sure that the transportation channel of your mind is in the best shape possible to be used in the journey of crossing this massive sea.

Now during the journey, you may face storms, become fatigued and demotivated, but imagine seeing your family, partner, or/and all your loved ones on the other side of the river calling you.  This is the Heart; it is to know that you are undertaking this journey not merely for your own self but to meet with those dear ones on the other side.

Another crucial component of your journey will be having the right map.  You cannot get anywhere without the map that will take you to the other side; this is the Mind. Even if you have all the heart, attention and aspiration but you do not know the direction, you will fail and burnout.

Finally, if you did not learn how to sail, then it will be like giving an incredible piece of equipment to someone who is not competent to use it – this is the Conduct.

With these 5 principles put into place, you can be ready to undertake your journey to cross this formidable sea.

What does the sea represent? It is the cross-over from the land of destructive emotions and mental disturbances to the other side: The land of happiness and peace.  

Without having the right type of motivation, you will not be able to undertake any endeavour. Investing some time carving out your goal, your purpose and what type of life you really want to experience will give you the fuel needed when you inevitably encounter hurdles on the path.

This first week will be precisely focused on this aspect, to let your mind and imagination run free at the thought of your own self-transformation. The twist here is that you would not necessarily be focusing on the external situation. The achievement of external situations/success in your life could be used but only to highlight the more important point, which is the happy, enthusiastic, free and open emotional state of mind that we would want to cultivate.

In week 2, we will focus on developing the second principle which is attention. Without having a relatively stable, undistracted mind you will not be able to put your mind into the most effective use. The attention principle is not only about focusing, but also about developing our own awareness free from the constant noise of thoughts. We will focus on developing our ability to stay vigilant in the middle of the turbulent climate of our difficult emotions, improve your ability to rest, and have the courage to witness those parts of ourselves that we may not necessarily want to face.  This will allow you to purify your mind from the constant demands that have been placed upon by society and your own self. Once this has been done successfully, a sense of release from the grips of emotional difficulties should emerge in the form of gratitude.

A pivotal point in the process of mindfulness and self-transformation is the reformation of the heart. We usually think that in order to transform ourselves we have to focus on transforming our minds – which is right, but the heart itself can affect the quality of our minds. Our thoughts affect our feelings, but our feelings and emotions also affect the quality of our thoughts. When we feel resentful, defensive, competitive, jealous, fearful, angry, and continuously have a sense of emotional lack, then we will begin to think thoughts equal to those feelings. Therefore, by transforming our hearts to be compassionate, kind, loving, grateful, and courageous, we can pacify in one stroke many of our counterproductive mental dispositions.

Finally, in week four we will focus on the most important principle which is the mind. In fact, all the other principles could be said to be a preparation for this week. This is because the mind aspect requires us to investigate the nature of our thoughts, feelings and identity. These can be very subtle and at the root of all our mental and emotional difficulties. Therefore, to undertake this investigation it requires a high level of aspiration/motivation, clarity of attention and an open, compassionate heart. The outcome of exploring our own minds is where the highest rewards lay. It is the attainment of a high level of wisdom that can liberate us from our self-imposed beliefs and limitations, leaving us with a sense of joy and freedom.

In the last week, you will be asked to continue the practices that you were given. But this time you would need to pay attention to your behavior and conduct in the world. If all that you do is practice on your meditation cushion but do not allow the truth of what you have learned to alter your behavior and actions the rest of the day, then you would be like a person that had a healthy breakfast and kept eating junk food the rest of the day. What results do you think that would produce? Your conduct and behavior is not only a result of your mind and emotions, but they can also influence your thoughts and feelings. This is what the entire field of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy teaches us. These three components are like pillars on which the base of your life stands. Take away one of the pillars, and the entire structure falls. Ethical behavior plays a role in having a clear conscience and peace of mind, to lay down your head before you go to bed, feeling contentment that you have done your best.

This is the Revolution of Happiness!

The uniqueness of this program is how it captures the most important ingredients for breaking self-limitations in a structured and revolutionary method.

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