The claim that the Course 5 Principles of Mindful Living makes is this: In order to crush self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt, you have to be free not from the external conditions in your world (work, finances, relationships etc.) but from and through your own mind. 

Your mind is both – your oppressor and your liberator. You become free from the oppression of your mind when you become free from obsessive thoughts; you become free from thoughts not only by stopping thoughts but by understanding them and your true self. Then you will arrive at the insight that thoughts are not your enemy; they can start being your servant and not your master. Your mind can then pledge allegiance to you and be put into service of your highest self. This is the true meaning of mindful living!

To find true happiness and freedom in your life, you have to be free – not from the external conditions in your world – but from and through your own mind!

Francis is a keen observer of the human condition who has a passion to see people wake-up to themselves. As a certified coach he has helped me to dig into the deeper parts of myself and find greater self-knowledge that has served me in my role as a facilitator and as a leader.
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Matt Trenchard
Coaching Academy CEO
With his philosophical and meta-philosophical expertise, Francis made me challenge taken-for-granted beliefs even in some very mundane conversations. It helped me in shaping unconsciously disregarded perspectives on both work-related and non-work-related matters.
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Steffan Folkman
Senior Lecturer

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