What is success?

The definition of success is changing; it is no longer about who has the highest position, who’s hosting the biggest social events, and who’s beating the competition. In fact, I am not sure if that was ever the true meaning of success, it is more like the mainstream idea of success.

There is nothing wrong with these ideas but that type of success only focuses on one dimension: Material worth – leaving all other dimensions out.

Material wealth is no doubt a very important aspect in our lives. But material wealth is not a monopoly of any one type of a class or a category of people. Without having material wealth, we would not be able to support ourselves, our loved ones, causes we care about, other people and society at large. But focusing only on material wealth is lopsided; it’s like going to the gym to exercise your right bicep and not your left bicep, leaving you with an arm bigger than the other. It is like succeeding in one area of your life while the other area suffers tremendously.

It is no longer only about success, it’s about success AND well-being, success AND available time, success AND serenity, success AND loving relationships, success AND genuine authenticity, success AND contribution, success AND meaning, success AND fulfilment.