The 5 Principles of Mindful Living

A Revolutionary Method in Crushing All Self-Limiting Beliefs

For the ones who are seeking drastic change in their life but have limited time available. 

We are not going to say it will be easy, crushing self-limiting beliefs and getting deep down to the roots isn’t an easy ride, but we promise that it will be worth it. 

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✓ One LIVE Webinar by Francis Saliba! This is were Francis goes deep and explains the 5 Principles in detail (it will literally open your eyes!)

✓ The Handbook outlining the 5 Principles which in their togetherness build the revolutionary method in crushing all self-limiting beliefs. 

✓ The Workbook with self-studies and specific reflection exercises which will teach you over a period of 5 weeks, step-by-step how to determine the specific beliefs which are holding you back and how to overcome them.

✓ Total of 9 guided meditations, carefully chosen and accompanying your weekly progress. These will be available in a downloadable audio format for you to access them anywhere, any time! 

✓ Plus: Email access to Francis during the 5 weeks of crushing your self-limiting beliefs!

This course will include practices (meditations and reflections) on 5 different principles: Aspiration, Attention, Heart, Mind and Conduct. These will range across a span of 5 weeks and you can practice them at your own pace and time.

You will also receive one time access to the Mastermind Group, which is our Online LIVE Webinar, held by Francis Saliba. The discussion, questions and answers during the webinar will be a paramount aspect of the program because it is here where you can share your progress, hurdles, doubts, and clarify them.

During the months of July and August, you can choose to attend the Live Webinars on one of the following dates:

  • Saturday July 6
  • Saturday July 13
  • Saturday July 20
  • Saturday July 27
  • Saturday August 3
  • Saturday August 10
  • Saturday August 17
  • Saturday August 24
  • Saturday August 31

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The key achievements and benefits you will get out of this course are the same for all 3 options (Starter, Enhanced and Master). The difference is the level of depth you wish to explore and the level of impact you would like to experience:

✓ Adopt and practice the 5 Principles of Mindful Living in your life, meaning that you will gain clarity, direction and balance in your daily routine.

✓ Understand that true happiness and contentment predominantly lie in your own mind and not merely on external conditions .

✓ Learn to examine the nature of your thoughts and feelings for you to use them in an empowering rather than in a self-limiting way.

✓ Develop the ability to change your external conditions by changing the internal conditions of your own mind.

✓ Understand mind-blowing insights that can change the way you experience yourself and others in the world. You can literally change your life by changing your perspective.

✓ Learn to grow a sense of ease, joy and lightness despite of your work and/or family life, health, financial issues – you name it. Become more grounded and internally stable without being thrown around by constant fluctuating conditions. This will result in drastically reducing stress and anxiety and increasing your overall well-being.

✓ Be familiar with the tools needed to manage your emotions during challenging situations.

✓ Have a clear guide/path that you can continuously refer to in your journey.

✓ Learn the place that meditation has on your awareness and mindfulness.

✓ Develop your ability to face your emotional difficulties and consequently these from others by cultivating a compassionate, resilient heart.

✓ Build and increase your level of motivation and aspiration by sparkling the thought of the possibility of achieving a mind that can learn to become happy and fulfilled.